Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gold Cup Group C is the most competative

Panama celebrates thier first ever victory agains USA

Ok the second round of games are finished and we do have a whopper of a surprise.

Let me start with Panama. Panama finally beat the yanks in the states 2-1. This is the first time the yanks have lost in Group play. This is the first time Panama has ever beaten the yanks. They played 8 previous times.” It's an historic moment. We, as a coaching staff, have to keep our feet on the ground to make sure that we are successful in the other games." Said coach Julio Cesar Dely Valdes of Panama. Panama now has 2 wins and leads Group C with 6 points thus securing them a spot in the quarterfinals.

The yanks left the field dejected. They had scoring opportunities but could not convert. Now they can not rest some players like Michael Bradley, Donovan and Dempsey. They yanks gave very hard fouls on Los Canaleros Jones I thought would be the best midfielder however he fouled badly and could have been red carded. Carlos Bocanegra fouled a defenseless Panama at end of game that should have been a red. The foul was petty and uncalled for. I think the Panama players are cry babies after watching them in the last Gold Cup. Panama also foul hard but it was my yanks who stooped to their level this time. Now they have a Guadeloupe team that is talented and has nothing to lose. They are out so they can just play and have fun.

Canada. I have to say they are better than people think. They have a big athletic team. They have good wide players and can service in box. They also have De Rosario and Gerba who can score. They will play Panama in last game. Panama is coming off a high of beating the yanks and could be ripe for the picking. Guadeloupe has been red carded in their first 2 games. They went down a man in the 38 minute of the first half against Panama and almost tied Panama but only lost 2-3. Then they went down in the 4th minute against Canada and only lost 0-1. The Canada red card was uncalled for, I thought it was a good tackle but dangerous.

Guadeloupe have proven they are good with 10 men. We will see how they are with 11. The yanks better be ready. This group has proven to be the most competitive top to bottom. I have complained they the yanks should be challenged more in group play and now we have it. Comparing the 2009 attendance with this year is only slightly up, but that is what was expected.

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