Thursday, March 10, 2011

Costa Rica unveils new jewel

This is Costa Rica new stadium. They now have the best national Stadium in Central America.
Costa Rica has not hosted a Central American Cup since 1999. That is 12 years ago. They are in line to host the 2013 unless Nicaragua is gearing up to host their first ever Cup. Time will tell which country will host but this is good news for Costa Rica and the Central American region.

Costa Rica has had one of the top national teams in the region for over a decade. They have also have had one of the best professional league in the region. Costa Rica sets the mark for others.

Before the Ticos host any regional event this stadium will be tested for the upcoming World Cup qualifying that will take place in June 2012. The Tico's will not want to miss out on a World Cup in their neighboring country of Brazil. Let the region be warned....the Tico's will be back and be playing in a state of the art stadium.
Just for a little fun here is how I rank the national stadiums

  1. Costa Rica national Stadium
  2. Pamama Rommell
  3. Hondura's Estatio Olimpico Metropolitan
  4. Guatemala's Estadio Mateo Flores
  5. El Salvadors' Cuscatlan
  6. Nicaragua's National Stadium in Nicaragua
  7. Belize Martha Jones Sports Comples but the field is not FIFA qualified.....

These stadium almost parallell the skill of the national teams..

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Lorric said...

Maybe if the other nations in Central America do what Costa Rica did, China will build them all shiny new national stadiums as well, then they can all have one!

Note: I'm not taking sides.