Monday, March 21, 2011

Jamaica vs Venezuela

The Jamaican national team is getting ready for the Gold Cup. They are taking this tournament seriously. The tournament will get them ready for World Cup qualification. The Gold cup will also put the team, the nation and Jamaican soccer in the spot light.

To get ready the Reggae Boyz are playing good competition. They will take on Venezuela on the island of Jamaica. There will be a number of MLS players on the roster to face the South American Rival nation. Heading this list is FW Omar Cummings who plays for the Colorado Rapids. There will be 4 other MLS players on the team to face Venezuela. Their coach Theodore Whitmore is getting his senior side together to instill some continuity before the Gold Cup starts.


Lorric said...

Panama have Bolivia too. These upper level CONCACAF teams like playing the lower level South American teams, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Peru. They have a reasonable record against them. Panama in particular in recent times.

James Lagrange said...

There are oter games to follow also. Yesterday Jamaica could not get anything going against Venezuela and lost on home turf 0:2.
Panama scored twice and shut out Bolivia in Panama. This was a nice win for Panama. Panama presently sits in 7th place and would miss out on the automatic qualifying for the semi-final round. This wins coupled with Cuba loss 0-1 to El Salvador could go a long way.

Now the Korea Republic went up 2:0 by half time; then got 2 more to slaughter Honduras 4:0. Ouch that loss hurts however the game was on the other side of the World.

Lorric said...

Korea Republic took a huge dump on CONCACAF with that victory. Add to that Venezuela beating Jamaica in Jamaica also makes the region look very bad.

Only Panama is doing a good job, they've taken several good results against lower South American teams lately.

If Panama get stuck in the first round (providing FIFA okays the system, whether they have now, I don't know...) they'll wipe up the pitch with whoever is unlucky enough to be grouped with them.