Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newer Stadiums in Central America

OK...just a little review on CONCACAF and the newer stadiums in each country. I would have to say that the USA is having the most rapid growth in the sport. MLS will be adding Livestrong Stadium. This is multimillion dollar stadium for the local MLS team in Kansas City. The capacity is only 18,500 however this will make for a nice intimate setting for the local team. Rommell Stadium was refurbished for about $19 Million. I think this was a bad idea. I believe the $ should have been passed to the multiple soccer teams throughout Panama. I think this would have been a better use of $. Why...well because this stadium does not fill to capacity. Panama even hosted the CEntral American Cup and no game was a sellout. The capacity was not even used for this. I think the only tike it will be a sellout is WCQ. That is not enough. However it is a beautiful stadium that Panamians can be proud of. .. . . . . This next pic is the National Stadium in Managua, Nicaragua. Land was donated from the University and FIFA goals project financed it. Nicaragua is slowely growing the sport and this stadium in the Nations Capitol will be nice for them. The stands are built into the hill sice w/ no stands on the other side. This will not be an intimidating place to play, but since it is in the Capitol we may see many fans here. Time will tell. . . . . .Tico Stadium...Well this is the show piece of all soccer stadiums in Central America. China built it for them. Why...well Costa Rica has stopped supporting Taiwan for an independent country....go figure. I used to be so proud of the Tico's.....Now I am just disappointed in their political leadership. I will be anxiuos to see how well the Tico's play here in this facility. Will it be as intimidating as their last one. TICO's .. .. .. .... ... ... ... ... ... Costa Rica can now boast that they have the best stadium in the region. However the national team has fallen on hard times (comparing to past Tico teams).. . . . . .. .

This is the only picture of fans on the Belize web site. My previous post shows the stadium. This was just completed in 2010. This is great for this nation to have a home pitch they can host international games. This next picture is of seating of the Belize National stadium. The stadiums capacity is about 5,000 and they would do well to fill that. They have never had seating here, since they have really never had a national soccer field. Like I stated earlier, the financing came from FIFA goal project to provide teaching, coaching, two soccer feilds and housing for players. The stadium is located in Belmopan. The pitches have been just completed in 2010.

If you have any "good" pictures fo Central American Stadiums or know of any new construction please post them here...


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USA Concacaf said...

1 word — Intimate — best describes the Livestrong Sporting Park.
Sporting KC officials said that the club will sell 10,000 season tickets and will cut off the sales to 16,000, which leaves around 2,000 tickets available on a single-game basis. So people, community groups, youth soccer groups and those who want to come out for the first time experience are not shut out.
KC Sporting officials also said that the initial allotment of 4,000 Gold Cup 2011 tickets sold out in just 24 hours.