Saturday, April 9, 2011

Honduras get's Najar ...good!


It always interests me when there is a new “Wonder” player who comes out of no where and makes a national team. Well Andy Najar has declared his national team will be Honduras. "It was a decision that my heart told me," the 18-year-old D.C. United midfielder said,”It came strictly from my heart. Najar is the reigning MLS Rookie of the Year and he quite possibly is playing midfield for Honduras in this Summers Gold Cup. Najar is only 18 and getting starts in D.C United first team. This is great that Honduras could retain this creative, crafty little player. The other national team he could have picked was the USA, who has a plethora of Midfielders presently. This will be good for both Honduras and Najar and exciting to the Gold Cup if he plays.


The USA recently got Teal Bunbury. The USA could always use a striker but this was at Canada cost. This move was a shame for Canada since Teal was born in Canada. The Canadian’s only have 1/10 of the USA’s population and strikers of his size 6-2 do not come around to often, and they rarely come Canada’s way. The Yanks now have Altidore (Haiti), Agudelo(Columbia), and Bundury(Canada) battling Buddle, Ching, Gomez, Johnson, Finley and Wondolowski for playing time. This is a shame for Canada since they could use his service desperately and he may miss out on some great national team games because of numbers. Bun bury would have given Canada a big boost. The yanks also got Germaine Jones. He was born in Germany and is presently a starter for the USA team. The yanks got a nice boost here to add quality dept in the MF position. Well each national team is shaping up for this summers Gold Cup…I am looking forward to this one…..a

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