Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CONCACAF wCQ to be decided in Zurich, Switserland

2014 World Cup qualifying will start June 3 in CONCACAF

There is nothing new here however it is getting a little clearer.
        This decision will be the end of May. This is the first official post about breeaking the 24 nations of Round 1 into 4 Pots.
Maybe they have been reading my posts.........
This link also assumes that the March FIFA ranking would be used...World Cup Qualifying

Cuba above Canada and Panama is a joke. I think El Salvador is better than Cuba


Lorric said...

Oh, I don't want to wait that long...

The real joke though is not waiting till the Gold Cup is done. Cuba profited from the fact Guadeloupe aren't in the FIFA rankings, thus they weren't punished for their loss to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Cup, leaving a win and a draw against Grenada and a win over T+T. They've since gone back down for losing friendlies to El Salvador and Panama (both in Cuba.) Yet theoretically, they could perform at the Gold Cup and come back up looking worthy of being seeded.

The teams should be allowed to fight for those seeds at the Gold Cup.

That being said, I still think the system will be thrown out. And then maybe we'll go back to the old system, and Guatemala will be unseeded and frighten you with the possibility your Yanks could draw them in a 2 leg pre-qualifying playoff...

As for your other articles, I'm way ahead of you. Especially the T+T Coach interview. I liked him. Read the Canada one a few days ago, but didn't see the MLS article.

How would you feel about a 2 leg pre-qualifier vs. Guatemala with the 2nd leg in Guatemala City?

Lorric said...

Well, they're doing it. Or at least the preliminary round has been done.

But the REAL news is the World got what it wanted! The World will stand still as the US Virgin Islands meet the British Virgin Islands in an epic clash, ha ha ha! First leg of this instant classic is set for the US Virgin Islands.

Check FIFA's site for the info. I still don't know if this means the whole system is accepted though, or if March rankings will be used right through.

Other matches:

Anguilla-Dominican Republic
Aruba-St. Lucia
Bahamas-Turks and Caicos Islands

That should be a breeze for Belize and even the Dominican Republic should be able to defeat Anguilla. Flip a coin for the other three.

Matches set for 3rd and 7th June.

Lorric said...

I've just noticed something. All the top seeds have the 2nd leg at home, and the matches according to the rankings are 26th vs 35th, 27th vs 34th, 28th vs 33rd, 29th vs 32nd and 30th vs 31st. That can't be a coincidence, surely. They must have arranged it that way.