Sunday, April 24, 2011

Central American Clubs teams

Leagues around CONCACAF

Belize has the Belize Premier Football League. This league is brand new compared to the other Leagues in Central America. The league started in 1991. There is no real power house since the league is still in its infancy. The Premier Division has 8 clubs. The league starts in September and ends the next year in January. Thelast Champion is Belize Defense Force. This is their 3rd title. Belize is the only English speaking nation and I find their web site pathetic. It does not have any updated info on the league of the games.
Playoff: The top 4 nations play 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in a home and away series. Then the final 2 have a home and away series to determine the winner. I had high hopes for Belize to compete but even the administration is wretched. My time is too valuable to cater to them. Belize playoff mimics Hondurases.

Costa Rica
The Premiera Division de Costa Rica is their top league. Costa Rica has 12 clubs in their top division which is the same as Guatemala(these are the biggest leagues). There are 3 main clubs in Saprissa, Alajuelense and Herediano. All have over 20 titles to their name. The next best only has 6 Championships.
Playoff: This country has the most clubs in the playoff with 8. 1 vs 8 2 v 7. ect. The final is a home and away. The last final was won by LD Alaguelense.  Alaguelense vs.Herediano. Presently there are 4 clubs left. Saprissa just won the first leg over San Carlos 2-1. The other semi final is between Herediano and Alajuelense. Herediano won the first game 4-2.
El Salvador
They play in the Premiers Division (El Salvador). There are 10 clubs in the top division. This country has a nice mix of balanced teams. FAS has the most Titles with 17.
Playoff: The top 4 make the playoffs 1v 4 and 2 v 3. The final however is a single game at Cuscatalan. Each clubs fans descend on the Capitol to see the final. This is like The Superdome in La. This playoff mimics Panama’s. The semi-finals are this week between Alianza the top seed against 4th seed Louis Angel Firpo. the other semi-finals are FAS against #rd place finished Isidro Metapan. The games are the 30th.

The league was found in 1919. There are 12 clubs in the top division, just like Costa Rica. There are 2 titans in this league in Communications (23 Titals) and Municipal (28 Titles). Municipal has won 8 of the last 13 Championships to overtake Communications for bragging rights. Communications has the last title.
The top 6 make the playoffs. Guatemala is different since the top 2 get a bye to the semi finals. I like this since it rewards the teams that played well throughout the year. Municapal  1, Heredia  2, Communications 3, Mictlan 4, Malacateco 5 and Penarol 6. are the seeds.
The playoffs have just started in Guatemala. Municipal has the top seed and bye. Heredia is the second seed with a bye to the semi-finals. Malacateco will take on Mictian while the most well known club Communications takes on new comer Penarol.

The league was found in 1964. Honduras and 10 clubs in their top division. Olimpia use to dominate winning 23 Championships however Montagua(11Champioonships) in Tegulsigalpa and Real Espana(10) and Marathon(8) are on equal footing.
Playoffs: Top 4 make the playoffs 1 v 4 and 2 a home and away. Then the 2 finalist play a home and away. The final 4 are Marathon v Olimpia and Vida v Montagua. The playoff are this week. This playoff mimics Belize.

The league was found in 1933 but has been pathetic. The league presently has 10 Clubs and it does have regulation. Diriangen FC is their super power winning 26 Championships. Next is Real Esteli w/ only 9.
Playoffs: This playoff has a group of 4 play home/away. Then the 2 top play home and away to determine the winner. This is something a little different. Their Final will be in May. Presently Walter Ferreti, Deportivo Ocotal, Real Esteli FC and of course Diriangen are the final 4.

This is a new league started in 1988. Panama has 10 clubs in its top division.

Playoff: The top 4 make the playoffs. 1 v 4 and 2 v 3.The final is now a 1 game knockout game for all the marbles and is now played in Estadio Rommell in Panama City. This playoff mimics El Salvadors


Lorric said...

You've heard my thoughts here on my contempt for playoffs before. But I came up with a system for MLS if they just have to have 10 teams in the playoffs that I like. I know this is about Central America, not MLS, but it might be interesting to compare it to all these other systems. What do you think:

The first round sees 5/6/7 seeded against 8/9/10. obviously 5th plays 10th, and the seed gets an advantage, either a single game at their place, or the 2nd leg at their place.

2nd round, 2/3/4 seeded against the winners of the previous round.

Semi finals, 1st seeded against the lowest seed the other two play each other.

The final is a single game at the ground of the highest remaining seed.

This gives a big incentive to top the league as 1st gets a big advantage over everyone else, yet 1st can still quite easily be eliminated, and 10th still has a shot at taking the cup.

I'll note I was tempted to comment on the previous article, but I still think FIFA will throw that system out. If they surprise me and keep it, then I'll have plenty to say.

James Lagrange said...

I know the English Premier League and other top European do not have playoffs. As we can see most CONCACAF nations have a playoff system. MLS is an American league. All the major sports in America have a playoff system and the playoff works (attendance and interest)
I am a Revolution fan and the rev suck right now. If I knew they did not have a chance to win the league every year I could not watch the car accident I see on the field week after week. I think the attendance at the game would also suffer tremendously. You could multiply that with all the other clubs who are "out" of the Title hunt. I could easily see interest and attendance suffer enough to put the entire league in jeopardy.
I am not saying I disagree with you about the system but it is what it is. What I really like about your suggestion is rewarding the Club that places first throughout the year. I like the home field advantage aspect.
I also have a crazy idea. I have never been to a Super Bowl but everyone claims you can not compare any city to New Orleans. New Orleans and it’s Mardi Gra’s are second to none. Maybe MLS could try a one week party with the championship there in a one game Championship. If attendance in the Superdome is to small how about 4 clubs playing in a condensed week (3 games). I remember the Patriots vs. Green Bay with all the Cheese heads everywhere and all the patriot jerseys, hats and flags running amuck in New Orleans. Now imagine 4 MLS supporters fans (Seattle, LA Galaxy, NY Red Bulls and Toronto) all descending on New Orleans for a week of party and football. Each group trying to outdo the other. I know this is against a lot of football purist ideals but I want a good time and enjoy the games. (Remember just an idea do not kill me!)
Again thanks for your comments!

Lorric said...


I can grudgingly admit that playoffs are needed. It doesn't stop me from hating them though. I couldn't support one of these teams knowing I could potentially watch my team dominate, only to get robbed out of the title by a team that they have completely owned in the regular season in a playoff in a single match. It's a trememndous turn off. As a neutral though, the games have viewing significance. Everyone loves winner take all games.

I take issue with finishing up the table not being rewarded, which is why I showed you my idea. That way there is a clear reward the higher up the table you are. The current system doesn't do this. And MLS is so tight anyway, playing a match against a seed can be not all that different to an unseed. Might only be something like 3-5pts differnece to where a team finished in the table. Other playoffs I don't have a problem with. The NFL doesn't have enough games, so they are necessary to decide a champion. And only the best teams get in, not this 10/18 nonsense in MLS, it's 6/32 in the NFL! NHL playoffs are decided through a best of 7 series, so the most deserving team WILL advance. And the seed gets an extra game at their place so has a tangible advantage. So many extra games I would think would also a big financial boost to teams advancing. No idea how much money there is in the NHL. MLS decides the playoffs in a single game or over 2 legs which is not enough. I'd like to see playoff games decided in a best of 3 series with the home team getting two games at their place. That gives them an advantage both competitively and financially, raking in gate receipts for two games, providing incentive to finish up the table. Although I know there just isn't enough room for so many games now, but maybe it could be something for the future once MLS expands so much that the single table is no longer possible and playoffs become a necessity anyway. More than half the league getting in, especially after already playing each other twice just devalues the competition though if you ask me.

Lorric said...

As for your idea, it's not bad, could be an occasion, but I still want the best to have an advantage. And I bet the fans would like the chance to fill up their home stadium too, with less costs not having to travel across America. If the best teams have a decent advantage, and then they go and still lose, then at least you can say, "Well, if they couldn't win with that kind of advantage, then they don't deserve it."

Lorric said...

Another thing, it would be annoying for my team to come second in the league, and be deemed not fit to take one of MLS' 4 places in the CONCACAF Champions League, a competition which may be about to catapult Real Salt Lake to the World Stage...

Lorric said...

Oh wait, what am I saying 6/32 in the NFL, it's 12/32, isn't it? I got confused reading about the system, I don't follow the NFL.