Friday, April 15, 2011

Blatter's Central American tour ...Honduras

Blatter arrives in Honduras and meets with the president of Honduras football and the President of country to talk about football.The next day Blatter got up early and traveled to Siguatepeque. This city will house the National Team Hotel which is only in Phase 1. I do not know how many phases there will be or how long it will take but it is underway. Siguatepegue is located exactly between Tegucigalpa the Capitol and San Paulo Sula the beautiful industrial “capitol”. San Pedro Sula is where the national team plays in Estadio OlĂ­mpico Metropolitano. Siguatepeque can now cater to both the national team and to the youth teams that play in the capitol.

This city will A base for growth
”Blatter was up bright and early the following morning for a trip to the city of Siguatepeque, some 114 kilometres from Tegucigalpa. The reason for the visit was to open the National Team Hotel, phase one of the future national academy and which has been built thanks to the Goal Project and will provide accommodation for the country’s various national sides.”

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