Saturday, March 12, 2011

The image of corruption

OK...are we getting somewhere. We all hear about corruption in sports. Soccer has to be the most corrupt sport there is. even FIFA's World Cup voting is a disgrace. Well once the courts get involved the truth becomes a little clearer.

1 Million can not be accounted for. This is a disgrace. Jack were is this money. It was not yours.

Now the TTFF books have to be opened. This will be fun. It will be like opening the books of the Mafia. Funds...large ammounts like 1 Million are just unaccounted for. This is rediculous.

Why doesn't an American run for the CONCACAF head post. That way the American press can question every move, every expense and every decision. Deals will not be done behind closed doors like they are now. Maybe we could realize how much money the Gold Cup makes. For example if there are 500,000 spectators and tickets average $30-40 dollars then the event is grossing roughly $15,000,000. The American press could probe how much expense hosting teams, food, travel excetera. Lets say 5 million in expenses and that is generous. Now the fun part...Gold Cup makes a profit of say $10 Million at the gate. The real money comes in the TV contract which is Fox, Univision and maybe a 3rd Spanish speaking channel.

If you really want to promote interest, open the books. Lets discuss where the expenses go. Lets see who is makeing Millions behind the closed doors. Lets debate which country gets funding...and it will not be a 1 Million to a few countried it should be signifigantly more.

LEt see if Warner opens these books and what happens to his image...


Lorric said...

Yes, it will be interesting. Perhaps "fun" as you say.

Anonymous said...

i think keeping an eye out or finding any corrupt concacaf officials taking bribes for this coming 2012 world cup qualifying campaign,should be interesting to see how things play out,i know there are some calls,non calls,they do happen,but blantently,just read canada beat cuba 1-0,fine great,then i heard canadian got a red card,seems to happen every qualifying,central american teams dive around playing the ref,lotta concacaf officials are weak in my mind,or just plain crooked,especially in key games,have to wait and see