Saturday, March 14, 2009

CFU introduces "Vision Caribe" to spark development in region

What a crock of crap this is. One frikin 10 page document that took 2 year to research. For cripes sake, in school they give you 30 day at the most to research and write a paper that is 10 pages long." The 10-page document, presented by project committee chairman Lionel Haven, was the culmination of nearly two years of research." If you ask me Lionel Haven is on Jack Warners payroll. This all sounds great for CONCACAF but it smell like good pr for Warner.

It did not state CONCACAF would fund any of this improvments. Warner put all the onis on the countries themselves. How can Haiti invest in soccer and follow any plan when it's people are starving. Why didn't Warner promise some money from the upcoming Gold Cup.

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