Friday, March 13, 2009

Costa Rican Federation Balks At Choice Of Referee

The article states the Costa Rican federation thinks Terry Vaugn was unfair in the 2007 Gold Cup. Ejecting 3 Costa Rican players and other yellow to them in the match. I had to watch the match again to see it they were "wronged". Here is the link to the Costa Rican loss to Mexico in the Gold Cup.

My opinion is the Costa Rican team were a bunch of hacks right from the start of the game. They were slamming the Mexican players right and left. It was very ugly and most difficult for any ref to handel such a "hack" game. I was on Vaugh's side uptil 13:52 of this clip. Aloman comes charging in from the right side (#13) Aloman came charging in to argue the call with his hand up signaling a card. It did not appear Aloman spit, brushed or bumped Vaugh but just agrued the call. At that point Vaugh immediatly stedded back and sideways, pointed enphatically to Aloman and book him. costa rican players try to hide Alomon but it was to late.

This had a dramatic effect on the game. Costa Rican players displayed very poor play that game leading up to the red card but "that" incident did not seem to be a red card.
What do you think?

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