Sunday, June 14, 2009

Confederations Cup

Well the USA went all out to participate in the Confederations Cup. They won the Gold Cup in 2007 in dramatic fashion to represent CONCACAF. Do I think they are going to do well? The answer is no. Brazil and Italy have better players at every position (excluding goal) the game is being played on the continent of Africa so the advantage should go to Egypt.
I will be presently surprised if the Yanks get through group play.

There is a reason why Bradley went all out to win the Gold Cup. He wanted his younger players playing and competing against the top competition in the World. He also wants them to get use to South Africa and its stadiums. This will give him team familiarity with the World cup experience next year. His team will not be in awe. He hopes they will be "been there done that attitude" and focusing on advancing in group play.

Most of the top team has their top players and by reading the quoted it sounds like they are all serious about winning.

This tournament has not peeked my interest yet. My Yanks were dominated by Costa Rica and did not look as good as Honduras did during most of a home game in Chicago. My yanks have many questions at the LD, RD and midfield. There have been a plethora of players (over 60) that Bradley has played but 3 positions look weak to me.

What I would like to see is some cohesion through the midfield with combinations of passes. What I want to see is some build up to some scoring chances? I want to see a team that will represent CONCACAF well and show the world that we have some good players also. Playing well is more important that advancing in this tournament.

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