Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yanks are in the Semi-Final!

How they hell did they do that? Well 3 teams in the group all had 1-0-2 record. The tie breaker was not goal differential but rather goals scored. That right whoever scored them most goals of the 3 team would go through?

Egypt scored 3 against Brazil losing 4-3

Then they beat Italy 1-0 for a total of 4 goals. Going into final they just need a win, a tie of not to lose by 3 goals. They lost 3-0

Italy going in need a win or a tie or not to be outscored by either Egypt of the US.

They beat USA 1-0

They lost to Egypt 0-1

Then they were stunned 3-0 to Brazil....

They Yanks are in the semifinal and will face Spain.

The yanks played much better this game while Egypt looked to defend as the match went on. They yanks had some calls so against them. The ball hit and Egyptian arm in the box but no call. Then Bradley and Clark were yellow carded for tackles that just brushed the opponents.

They yanks got help from young Charlie Davies who looked like he belongs. He was not afraid to run close to goaltender and keep the ball alive and score with some great determination.

Dempsey looked tired the whole match however you just need his brigantine once to make a difference. Dempsey scored the 3rd goal on a header.

Good news there was no red cards. The yanks finished with 11 men and that was a good lesson learned.

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