Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down and out


My yanks were out played by far in the Confederations Cup. I will be in a state of depression for a while…They did hit 2 cross bars and that is the only solace I will take from the 3-0 Brazil loss.

I think the Yanks on par with Egypt so I am hoping for a good game. Some build up, controlling the ball, a build up with a shot on net….

The yanks have played very tentative on both games and I think they lost some confidence. They also got a red card in each game. When you are out matched you can not go down a man….

Speaking of red cards….It seems to me that MLS is much more lenient when showing fouls, yellow and red. Altidore got a call against Italy that resulted in our only goal. MLS better get more on par with international “fouls” and soon.

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