Monday, June 1, 2009

Starting XI against Costa Rica


Ching is clearly the shoe in at Forward. If Altidore is healthy he should start. Bradley needs speed, youth and fitness up front to complement Ching and Altidore is best option.

MF Bradley stress defense first. His son Michael is the best option will his ball hocking abality and he also has a goal scoring touch. I had Edu penciled in before his injury. Since this is a critical game, reluctantly I have to go with the 'known" veteran Mastroni. I saw reluctantly because he get yellow and red carded in critical games........however his hard tackling and his timing is improving.
Lando is the best MF we have so I will place him at weakest mf spot oin the left side. He is best running at people with ball. He is quick, fast and very creative with the ball. He is very dangerous when cutting inside with the ball. Costa Rica first priority will to be shut him down first and play very physical against him. He will move inside 4-5-1 attack if we so down a goal. Dempsey owns the right. He can create on his own. He has played against the best in the English premier league.

Defense is clear with Boca- and Gooch patrolling the middle. Spector is the total package and can handle the right. The hardest spot is LD. I hate Beasley there. Any power forward can out muscle him. Sure he has speed but he is just not big enough to lay the Defense. I saw him one game there and a player turned him easy for a direct goal chance.
He is great going forward with lando at mf spot but i would not risk it. I would play Bornstein at the LD spot.
I am not in favor of Beasly at D.....AT ALL

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